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Intentional Wellbeing


When we create time to focus on ourselves and our inner world we are better able to manage situations of stress, frustration and overwhelm. Instead we can create more peace, calm and stability in our lives. By prioritising our internal world we can see massive improvements in our external world.

Intentional wellbeing is a monthly confidential and non-judgemental space to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences no matter where you are in the world ( sessions will be held via zoom). The purpose of this monthly check-in is to have someone who can listen, support you and help you develop self-care practices and strategies that ensure you are thriving not just surviving.

The benefits of these sessions are that they allow you a dedicated and regular space to pause, reflect and gain clarity on what feels most supportive to your emotional wellbeing.

An intentional wellbeing session is designed to be proactive rather than reactive. It focuses on regular support so that you can respond to personal or professional challenges or concerns before they become overwhelming or you enter into “crisis mode”.

Intentional Wellbeing sessions were created to help you:

  1. Share challenges and concerns safely and openly

  2. Feel more clear, aligned and peaceful in your decisions

  3. Feel empowered to create conscious change

Intentional Wellbeing sessions can help with things like:

  1. Managing Interpersonal conflicts. Examples might include, finding ways to respond to difficult family members, friends or work colleagues. Learning how to manage negative or intense feelings and emotions. Exploring boundaries and how to set them, developing skills for effective parenting or finding ways to create better intimate relationships.

  2. Developing support to navigate challenging emotional experiences. This may include finding the best way (for you) to navigate challenging life experiences small and large like grief, overwhelm or relationship breakdown.

  3. Shifting feelings or thoughts to allow for more peace. Discovering ways to experience more moments of peace and calm amidst feelings of chaos or busyness and manage strong or intense feelings and emotions.

  4. Building on resources like confidence, interpersonal skills, self-esteem and self-worth for healing and growth. Develop new skills to design the life you want to live so that you can feel more confident to communicate well and continue to build self-esteem and worth.. 

  5. Finding strategies and tools to overcome challenges. You get to build your own 'toolkit' to manage periods of transition in your personal or professional life. This might include managing a shift in family dynamics or changes in your career.

How to gauge if we would work well together:

  1. You want to create more time and space to focus on your wellbeing.

  2. You value a proactive approach to your emotional health.

  3. You are looking for an objective, non-judgemental and empathic listener.

  4. You are looking to explore your perspectives and gain clarity on your thoughts, beliefs of patterns

  5. You want to feel empowered to create your own strategies and outcomes.

You Receive:

✨3 x sessions (45 minutes each once a month)

✨Fortnightly Email support with (24 hour response time)

Pricing Options:

$ 80 AUD a fortnight
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