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Create Conscious Change

A 4-session EXPLORATION where we will gain CLARITY ON HOW TO create conscious change in your life.

Awareness is the crucial ingredient when it comes to creating change. Without awareness, we can find ourselves focusing on “symptoms” rather than identifying the root causes of our challenges and what we need to achieve long term, sustainable change. 

It’s important to address the underlying issues through a deeper level of inner work. Otherwise, we end up making changes that are temporary and unsustainable because we haven’t built a solid foundation to start with. We can find ourselves reverting back to how things were and feeling even more disheartened.

The objective of this 4-session exploration is to:

  1. Understand what thoughts, behaviours and patterns you want to change and where they originate from.

  2. Work through and process the unfinished experiences relating to the change you want to create.

  3. Identify, honour and address any resistance to change, so deep transformational change occurs and lasts.

  4. Develop the skills and strategies that empowered you to continue to make more conscious and aligned choices going forward.

How will this be achieved? 

Our sessions together will be collaborative. I’ll be carefully supporting you through the process by helping you understand who you are and the experiences that have shaped you. Our work will focus on being embodied and experiential which means you will actually get to experiment with new thoughts, behaviours and feelings so that you can embody the changes you want to make and start creating conscious change.

What happens at the end?

  1. On completion of this package, you’ll have a deeper understanding of yourself as well as new insights and renewed creativity work with your strengths rather than against them.

  2. You’ll have had real-life experiences of conscious change in session with me, as well as the skills to continue to develop your own insights and awareness in challenging situations going forward.

  3. You will be supported to start experimenting with your new skills, creating conscious change in the real word!

  4. Depending on the level of support you need for these next steps you can continue with another one-on-one package, or you can receive mentoring and guidance via my in-person group program, full details available here

    You Receive:

🌿 4 x Weekly sessions (50-minutes each)

🌿A Free Welcome Gift to support your journey

Pricing Options:
$710.00 AUD, OR
4 x $190 AUD weekly payments ~ REQUEST PAYMENT PLAN
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