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Client’s Kind Words


”What I love most about working with Natajsa is that she has helped me find out who I am and how to connect back in to my authentic self. I was apprehensive about seeing another therapist, In my past experiences I found I would be judged or questioned on why I was not strong enough to deal with my situation or why I let "it" happen. After working with Natajsa, in just a few sessions I've been able to come away with less judgement on myself. I was made to feel comfortable and cared for, allowing me to be more at ease with who I am and in turn, to be able to be more caring of myself - something that never came easily before therapy with Natajsa.”

/LOUISE, BRISBANE~  Satisfied client  /

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Written Testimonials

“I would like to highly recommend Natajsa. When the opportunity for Women’s Circle facilitated by Natajsa arose, I jumped at the chance to participate. Despite the 2 hours travel time. I had met Natajsa on a couple of previous occasions, and I always found her to be the utmost professional, calm, knowledgeable and always, always ensuring the client was safe.I have been attending women’s circle for 9 months and would not miss it!  Natajsa holds the space beautifully for us, and allows us openness, patience and respect to explore our issues.I find that Natajsa is gentle, open, professional, guiding, knowledgeable, listening and supportive.  Our safety is of utmost priority. I love how  Natajsa will sometimes challenge us, while giving each of us an opportunity for her time, and allows for individual support and reflection from the group members. To be honest, before the first women’s circle, I was somewhat apprehensive and self-protective as I have had many and sustained traumatic life experiences.   Little by little, I was able to feel safer to express myself and allow myself to become more trusting and vulnerable. That can only occur with a great and professional facilitator. I am genuinely full of gratitude and appreciation for Natajsa and her work.”

/Elizabeth,brisbane ~ Satisfied client  /

“I clearly remember prior to and the start of my very first session with Natajsa, I held a lot of fear, this fear was more about my anxiety of the unknown. Gestalt therapy was new to me and I did not know what to expect.I worried about what was required, what I needed to bring to the session, and wanting to do what was expected of me. Also what was Natajsa's role as my therapist in all this, and would I like her?I left my first session feeling really great, I had nothing to fear or nor was there any expectations that I had to perform in a certain way. The therapy session flowed in a way that made me feel comfortable and that I had control of. I never at any point felt that I had to reach any expectations but only what I really wanted to at that moment and I was not disappointed in myself ever.  I loved that the sessions were about what I wanted and I was well supported by Natajsa in taking my journey to know myself and reach a depth to uncover the layers that I have held steadfast and protected. This was preventing my self-awareness to understand what is truly me. This was all new to me, and without Natajsa's support I would not have been able to learn to love, accept and know myself more. Natajsa has always been non-judgemental, accepting and resonating to really hear what I was saying and also speak what was needed during our sessions. Her qualities of genuine care and interest in me provided the support I need especially to hold my emotions when I was most vulnerable. Natajsa is a lovely caring person, who is a great supportive therapist and I felt an instant bond with her that continues to grow throughout our sessions. My life journey has now opened new doors of discovery and I am loving this new me on every level, this would never have happened if it was not for the support and skills Natajsa has bought to the sessions.”

/ DEE-Brisbane~ Satisfied client  /

"I first joined group therapy for self-development  to try and get help with my anxiety. I was nervous that my problems may be trivial in comparison to some of the other ladies who had been through more hardship. I learn't that we are all equally as important, our lives, our experiences, our concerns. This Women's circle has helped me to open up and be vulnerable and to share deep thoughts and feelings that have been buried for along time. Group sessions with women have a way of helping you feel connected and I felt very safe and supported in this journey. Tash is a wonderful facilitator, very compassionate and understanding and will always support you or give you that extra push to get what you need from the sessions. I am very grateful to have found this group."

/  tegan-Brisbane ~Satisfied client  /

 “Natajsa has provided a safe environment in which to explore my inner feelings, concerns & worries. She provides direction to the group which has enabled us, a group of diverse people, to encourage & support each other with understanding & without judgement.

I always leave the group feeling understood, supported, accepted & more at peace than when I arrived. It has been the perfect next step for me in my journey of personal growth.

/ Satisfied client  /

“Natajsa has not only guided me in the process of knowing myself and feeling like me, but she's shown me the importance of staying with my feelings and being curious rather than critical of my feelings. This has meant that I can get to the truth of what I feel. Not only has this impacted me personally, it's wonderful that people around me have noticed the change in the way that I carry myself, commenting on my newfound serenity. Working with Natajsa is truly like working with yourself, the kind, accepting and supportive self you might not always see.  Her genuine care and support for me is invaluable and  she has become part of my inner circle of support. Natajsa has helped me to discover such a sense of pride in myself, an understanding of my strengths (that has always been there) and the ability to recognise and evolve them. If you've been looking for a therapist , don’t hold off another minute from the transformation that lays in store for you when you work with her and her incredible talent."

/ Satisfied client  /