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Beyond Blue is a site with useful information on depression and anxiety. They explain the symptoms and common treatment options.

Lifeline is a free phone counselling service for anyone who is desperately distressed and/or contemplating suicide.

Relationships Australia is a community-based, not-for-profit Australian organisation that offers services around the country that include counsellingfamily dispute resolution (mediation) and a range of family and community support and education programs.

The Butterfly Foundation is an Australian organization that supports  people affected by eating disorders and negative body image – a person with the illness, their family and their friends. 

The Eating Issues Centre is a Brisbane community based non-profit charity promoting positive body image and prevention of eating issues as well as offering supportive therapeutic options for people affected by eating issues.

The Australian centre for grief and bereavement is an independent, not for profit organisation which opened in January 1996 and is the largest provider of grief and bereavement education in Australia.

OnTrack is an online program designed by the psychology department of Queensland University of Technology. If you click on “programs” in the menu bar, you will find they cover a number of issues including depression and alcohol problems. There is also a useful diary available for keeping track of your moods, number of drinks taken, food et

Australian Centre for Posttraumatic  Mental Health is a useful site for information about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They list causes, symptoms and common treatments.

SANE Help Line offers comprehensive information on mental health including symptoms, treatments and support services.

Parent Help Line offers advice and support for parents who feel out of their depth with a child and don’t know what to do.

Brisbane Workplace Mediations provide effective and confidential conflict management and mediation services in any workplace or community setting.

Break Binge Eating Break Binge Eating provides resources dedicated to providing all the scientific information you need in relation to eating disorders, including their nature, causes, consequences, statistics, and treatments.

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