To find your powerful and long-lasting partner ship?

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 I help Professional women & men find their powerful and long lasting partnership.

Whether you are single, dating or committed, I'm the relationship strategist and wing-woman you need to help you breakthrough your biggest dating or relationship challenge.

I'll help you to identify the relationship patterns of your past and work through any old unfinished business in the form of emotions or unhelpful habits that arent aligned with what you want to attract going forward.

Together we'll focus on building the foundations of a successful relationship, including how to feel happy, confident and fulfilled even before you find your perfect partnership. I'll equip you with the practical strategies you need and empower you to create real, sustainable change in the arena of love & relationships. 



I am a Relationship Psychotherapist and Coach. I work with professional men and women who are ready to attract & maintain their powerful and long-lasting partnership.

My strategies combine Gestalt Psychotherapy, self-awareness and neuroscience. The strategies I teach focus on creating positive, sustainable change & transformation.

I have been featured as an expert therapist in Women's Health & Fitness Magazine & Cosmopolitan along with many other online publications.




Being able to  find relationships that are full of love, joy and connection isn't something we're usually taught, yet connection and relationships are vital to our health & wellbeing.

Before earning a Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy, I worked with business to increase sales and achieve business outcomes. A very different life from what I live now.

Before too long there came a time when I started to wonder if “this” was all there was . On the surface it looked as though I had the perfect life money, power, a great career and the freedom to do what I wanted to do with my life. However all those things didn’t add up to feeling happy or fulfilled. The same thought kept coming up, there’s got to be more than this?

And yes, there was...

What I learned through all of my experiences in life was that everything comes down to relationships and connection.

Because no matter what the challenge was, it was always relational in nature, whether that's the relationship we have with our partner, friends, family or ourselves, and it was in relationships that the opportunity for healing, growth and transformation was happening.

My mission today is to teach people the value of connection. It’s to help men and women build the foundations of healthy relationships and continue to attract and sustain partnerships that are full of depth, intimacy and satisfaction. Not only with intimate partners but also with the most important powerful relationship there is - their own.