True transformation happens when we have the courage to fully & deeply connect with each other, ourselves and our humanity

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I'm Natajsa Wagner - Psychotherapist, Executive Coach & Group Facilitator.I work with smart & successful women (just like you) who are thriving and who have achieved so much success...but under the surface you know there’s more for you to do and experience.

You’ve already achieved significant success and happiness in your life, and you know there is more you can do with your talents and resources to create an even more exciting, fulfilling and meaningful life.

You believe there is always more that you can achieve and you came to play a bigger game.

You know you are here for a purpose, and that purpose is bigger than you.

You are focused on your own personal growth and development because you know that you hold the keys to your success.

You know that the absolute best investments you can make aren't about blue-chip stocks or the property market... They’re in you.

You understand that the best investment you could ever make is in your own personal and professional growth.

Some of the clients I work with are facing overwhelm and burnout because of their drive in business and they want to ensure it doesn’t go any further, while others know they need to incorporate more balance in their life to ensure they can fuel and sustain their future successes, families and relationships.

Others are sick of the disparity in their professional and personal life and instead want to create genuine happiness in all aspects of their life.

Some are simply tired of feeling like they have lost touch with who they really are and are wanting to throw away the mask they wear, connect back to themselves and embrace the woman they are fully.

Are you ready to up-level?



Find out what's blocking you from achieving true happiness so you can start to transform your life.

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I am focused on addressing the underlying causes of your challenges, not just treating the “symptoms” and finding a temporary fix.

We'll work together collaboratively to understand your conscious and unconscious beliefs so that you can break through any limiting beliefs and increase your performance with more grace and ease.

We'll focus on implementing supportive, empowering beliefs that enable you to make better choices and take more consistent and positive action so that you can achieve your goals faster.

I'll help you to develop your awareness and emotional intelligence, so that you can have a deeper understanding of yourself and others, that will allow you to communicate more effectively.

We'll work to reduce stress and anxiety by showing you how to understand, manage and change your reactions in difficult or challenging situations.

I'll empower you to take full responsibility and accountability in your life so that rather than feeling controlled by external influences and other’s agendas you take your own action that is clear,  focused and in control.

I work with you for sustainable long-term change, there are no quick fixes in the business of life transformation.



Natajsa Wagner is a Brisbane based Psychotherapist, Executive Coach & Group Facilitator.

For nearly a decade Natajsa has worked with CEO's, business executives and groups to transform and improve their lives and businesses.

She empowers hundreds of women weekly through her platform and online community.

Natajsa's strategies combine Gestalt Psychotherapy, mindfulness and neuroscience, with a strong focus on authentic connection to create positive, sustainable change & transformation.

She has been featured as an expert therapist in Women's Health & Fitness Magazine & Cosmopolitan along with many others.

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