I help professional women and men overcome their relationship challenges, so that they can find their powerful and long-lasting partnership.



I provide a supportive space for conscious professionals to debrief about their work and personal concerns so they can gain clarity, identify solutions, and swiftly shift their circumstances.

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Personal Growth

I work with men and women who want to transform the experiences they are having in their lives and relationships. All of our challenges are relational in nature, whether it’s the relationship we have with ourselves, our loved ones or a lack or relationship, this is also where the healing and growth lie.

I have spent over half a decade helping people understand their patterns in relationships so they can develop the simple skills and strategies that lead to personal growth, self-awareness and meaningful relationships with themselves and others. 

I help my clients to feel deeply connected and aligned with who they are and what they want.

I have spent almost a decade working with peoples challenges and showing them how to feel confident and capable in all areas of their life.  

My mission is to help more people experience the happiness that comes from feeling deeply satisfied in our lives and our relationships. If you are wanting to make your own changes, I have created a program that combines all of my experience and expertise. My Relationships Rewired™ program is effective, powerful and will change how you experience your life and your intimate relationships.

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We know the quality of our relationships is the biggest predictor of our happiness. It's not the amount of time we've know someone for or even how many friendships we have. It's the quality. What does that mean?  This is the level of emotional support, trust and safety we feel in a relationship. Sometimes we experience challenges in our relationships that require us to work through emotions, limiting mindsets or unhelpful habits.

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Free Resources


Not sure where to start? I've put together some free resources on relationship's to help get you started.


Life's Too Short For...

Bad relationships or bad peanut butter... Yes I have a peanut butter obsession, but I digress... The relationships we have with ourself and other's, should be as delicious as peanut butter!

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If you're ready to re-wire some unhelpful relationship habits and make life more delicious, let's talk!

Book a free strategy session.

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Working With Me

If you are wanting to make changes in your life and relationships there are a few ways you can work with me.  The most effective way to  shortcut your success is through my 1:1 program. I have created a program that combines all of my experience. My process combines practical strategies with deep internal work because you need both of these things for growth and sustainable change.



My Relationships Rewired™ program is effective, powerful and will change how you experience your life and your intimate relationships. You can book a free strategy call below.


A 4.5 hour experiential workshop designed as an introduction for people who are wanting to learn how to deepen their self-awareness, and work on understanding relationships.


A deeper exploration of relationships. These therapeutically facilitated group sessions  are held fortnightly  in Brisbane. Invitation is by application only & numbers are limited.